Writing my first RL related paper

I am currently about to complete an internship with a private company where I have been doing an optimisations research project that specifically utilises RL (for context I am currently in my last year of my undergraduate degree studying computer science / physics). I have been encouraged by my manager who used to be an academic in Mathematics at an Australian University to publish a paper on my findings as he and some other co-workers believe that my results are paper worthy. Does anyone have any tips on writing papers in general or any resources I can refer to? I have written plenty of reports throughout my degree (in both Physics and Comp Sci) and have read many papers but have never had to write a formal publication, especially one that utilises RL. Just for reference, the RL I used is really not complicated at all (nothing more than a very simple DQN implementation). Any advice would be greatly appreciated! 🙂

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