What does “normalize” mean in RLZoo hyperparameters?

I am looking at the RLZoo hyper parameters given over here. For instance, let’s take the following code –

InvertedDoublePendulumBulletEnv-v0: normalize: true n_envs: 8 n_timesteps: !!float 2e6 policy: ‘MlpPolicy’ n_steps: 2048 batch_size: 64 gae_lambda: 0.95 gamma: 0.99 n_epochs: 10 ent_coef: 0.0 learning_rate: 2.5e-4 clip_range: 0.2 What does `normalize: true` mean over here? I am assuming that this could be observation normalization, but then, there is this code here -normalize: “{‘norm_obs’: False, ‘norm_reward’: True}” Therefore, what is being normalized when we do: `normalize: true` Is there any hyperparameter for action normalization in rlzoo? I didn’t find any, but perhaps it might be helpful?

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