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As the technology landscape evolves, Dell emerges in 2023 with a host of transformative developments, marking its continued impact on the world of computing and innovation. Dell, a stalwart in the tech industry, starts the year 2023 with a flurry of groundbreaking news stories, offering a glimpse into the company’s strategic moves and technological advancements that are set to shape the future of computing. In the realm of cutting-edge technology, Dell stands as a key player, and the top 10 news stories for 2023 shed light on the company’s commitment to driving progress and meeting the evolving needs of the digital age.
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Dell PowerScale systems deliver up to a 200% performance improvement for streaming reads and writes to help customers more quickly access data for AI workloads
Dell Technologies is helping customers achieve faster AI and generative AI (GenAI) performance with new enterprise data storage advancements and validation with the NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD AI infrastructure.’s AI-Connect Blends NLP, NLU and LLM to Elevate Calling Experience
Data & AI Governance Startup Atlan Raises $105M in Series C Funding Round
Mastering the AI Revolution: MetaHomes Ushers Intelligent AI Features into Real Estate Amidst Dubai’s Booming Market
“Storage performance is a critical factor for successful AI and generative AI outcomes,” said Arthur Lewis, president, Infrastructure Solutions Group, Dell Technologies. “Customers are relying on us to continually push the boundaries of storage innovation, including removing data access bottlenecks that limit the throughput and scalability of compute-intensive applications. We are addressing these needs by delivering fast, efficient and secure access to data and turning it into a proverbial goldmine of AI and GenAI possibilities.”
Dell Technologies is collaborating with Meta to make it easy for Dell customers to deploy Meta’s Llama 2 models on premises with Dell’s generative AI (GenAI) portfolio of IT infrastructure, client devices and professional services.
“We are at the beginning of a new era with generative AI transforming how industries operate, innovate and compete,” said Jeff Boudreau, chief AI officer, Dell Technologies. “With the Dell and Meta technology collaboration, we’re making open-source GenAI more accessible to all customers, through detailed implementation guidance paired with the optimal software and hardware infrastructure for deployments of all sizes. Now, customers can more easily deploy secure GenAI models on premises for powerful new approaches and insights.”
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Dell Technologies expands its Dell Generative AI Solutions portfolio, helping businesses transform how they work along every step of their generative AI (GenAI) journeys.
“To maximize AI efforts and support workloads across public clouds, on-premises environments and at the edge, companies need a robust data foundation with the right infrastructure, software and services,” said Jeff Boudreau, chief AI officer, Dell Technologies. “That’s what we are building with our expanded validated designs, professional services, modern data lakehouse and the world’s broadest GenAI solutions portfolio.”
Secuvy, the cloud-native, contextual data privacy & security platform, has announced the successful completion of its funding round from investors. The funding will be used in accelerating company growth plans, expanding the team, and further developing and enhancing the Secuvy privacy & security platform. The latest funding round was led by Dell Technologies Capital & WestWave Capital, with participation from Z5 Capital.
“Data privacy is a top priority for every enterprise company that handles any type of personal data, but current solutions have not been adequate across several dimensions,” said Ryan Wexler, investor at Dell Technologies Capital. “The team at Secuvy has taken a forward-looking approach, building a modern, fully cloud-native platform. They can easily scale to meet their customers’ growing and ever more complex needs.”
Dell Technologies and NVIDIA announce a joint initiative to make it easier for businesses to build and use generative AI models on-premises to quickly and securely deliver better customer service, market intelligence, enterprise search and a range of other capabilities.
Project Helix will deliver a series of full-stack solutions with technical expertise and pre-built tools based on Dell and NVIDIA infrastructure and software. It includes a complete blueprint to help enterprises use their proprietary data and more easily deploy generative AI responsibly and accurately.
“Project Helix gives enterprises purpose-built AI models to more quickly and securely gain value from the immense amounts of data underused today,” said Jeff Clarke, vice chairman and co-chief operating officer, Dell Technologies. “With highly scalable and efficient infrastructure, enterprises can create a new wave of generative AI solutions that can reinvent their industries.”
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Dell Technologies unveils new Dell APEX offerings across cloud platforms, public cloud storage software, client devices and compute. These additions to the industry’s most comprehensive as-a-Service and multicloud portfolio spanning data center to public cloud and client devices will help businesses operate and innovate faster through improved management and mobility of their applications and data wherever they reside.
“Our customers continue to look for a simpler technology experience to easily manage and access their assets and applications with predictable costs and greater flexibility,” said Chuck Whitten, co-chief operating officer, Dell Technologies. “That’s where Dell APEX comes in. Now, Dell APEX spans the breadth of our portfolio to give customers greater freedom for technology to support businesses as their needs dictate – from PCs and IT on-premises to public clouds and edge locations.”
Dell Technologies is announcing new security services and solutions to help organizations protect against threats, respond to attacks and secure their devices, systems and clouds.
The changing nature of the workplace, according to 72% of IT business leaders and experts, exposes their company to even higher risk. I Cybercriminals have new chances thanks to the widely spread IT environment, therefore businesses must change how they secure and restore their data and systems. These issues are addressed by Dell’s new security solutions, enabling enterprises to lower risk and safeguard their operations.
“Our partnership with Dell Technologies is invaluable for achieving our IT goals while securing our data and patients’ sensitive information at a time when health care institutions are prime targets for cyberattacks,” said Theodore Fotias, vice president, IT Infrastructure, Phoenix Children’s Hospital. “Dell security solutions give us the peace of mind we need to focus on what matters most: delivering the best possible research and care to our patients.”
Dell Technologies expands the industry’s top selling server portfolio1, with an additional 13 next-generation Dell PowerEdge servers, designed to accelerate performance and reliability for powerful computing across core data centers, large-scale public clouds and edge locations.
Next-generation rack, tower and multi-node PowerEdge servers, with 4th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors, include Dell software and engineering advancements, such as a new Smart Flow design, to improve energy and cost efficiency. Expanded Dell APEX capabilities will help organizations take an as-a-Service approach, allowing for more effective IT operations that make the most of compute resources while minimizing risk.
Dell Technologies is helping the telecommunications industry accelerate the adoption of open, cloud-native technologies with new solutions and partnerships, including Dell Telecom Infrastructure Blocks for Red Hat, new Dell PowerEdge edge servers, a private wireless program and expanded lab capabilities.
“The promise of open telecom network architecture is clear to operators, but has so far been a challenge to realize,” said Dennis Hoffman, senior vice president and general manager, Dell Technologies Telecom Systems Business. “To address this challenge, the industry needs to create consumable, tested solutions that telecom operators can confidently deploy in their networks. With our new partnerships, solutions and expanded lab capabilities, Dell Technologies is quickly growing the industry ecosystem and bringing together communications service providers and technology partners, so we can put open innovation into action.”
Dell Technologies has been engaged to deploy solutions to modernize UNN’s data centers, which are now based on hyperconverged, active-active architecture for production and Disaster Recovery. Using these solutions, UNN can now move to the next level of their transformation journey and be future-proofed to deliver next-gen IoT, AI and 5G-enabled services. The portfolio of solutions deployed by Dell Technologies using VxRail, PowerEdge, Unity XT, PowerVault storage arrays and PowerProtect DD Series Appliances has enabled UNN to significantly reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) for their data centers. UNN has since been able to increase investment in accelerating the development of their next-gen IaaS solutions.
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