To See How Well AI Can Replicate Unique Creative Styles, I Trained an AI on Every Half as Interesting Video Transcript—Here’s What Happened!

Using Python and YouTube API tools, I compiled titles, authors, dates published, URLs, and complete transcripts of every video on the YouTube channel Half as Interesting in a single file called transcripts.txt. Fortunately, unlike other YouTube channels with often inaccurate auto-generated captions, the videos on Half as Interesting have human-written caption transcripts that are free of errors in punctuation, grammar, and spelling, making it unnecessary for any changes to be made. Here is a link to the transcripts.txt file:

My goal is to create an AI bot that can mimic the nuances of Half as Interesting‘s style, from how he cleverly titles his videos to gain attention, to his particular brand of sarcasm and humor, to how he simplifies complex concepts, for any topic. This is to test how well AI can replicate creative nuances.

The AI bot is not yet complete, but I have created a rudimentary version by uploading and attaching the transcripts.txt file to a ChatGPT-4 chat with the following prompt:

The file transcripts.txt contains the complete transcripts of every single video created by the YouTube channel ‘Half as Interesting.’ Half as Interesting is a YouTube channel known for its brief videos on various educational topics that are laced with humor, often employing puns, sarcasm, and tongue-in-cheek remarks to make complex or mundane topics more engaging.

I want you to read through and deeply analyze the entirety of the transcripts.txt file so you completely understand and can thus easily replicate all of the nuances of Half as Interesting’s style, from how he cleverly titles his videos to attract attention, to his brand of sarcasm and humor, to the way he simplifies complex things. In this chat, if I ask you something to the effect of explaining or creating a script about a certain topic like Half as Interesting would, please generate a complete, full-fledged title and script about the topic using all of the nuances of Half as Interesting’s style, using the transcripts.txt file for guidance in the writing process.

Remember that this is just a rudimentary version, and the AI bot I am developing with GPT4 and extensive fine-tuning should deliver much better results. With that in mind, I think this rudimentary version does an excellent job. Here are screenshots of my prompts and ChatGPT-4’s responses. Please share your thoughts in the comments below. Additionally, please suggest prompts that I should give it, and I will respond to those comments with ChatGPT-4’s responses.

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