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A Resume Genius survey conducted on 625 managers revealed, “53% of hiring managers have reservations about resumes that include content clearly created by AI, with 20% seeing it as a critical issue that could prevent them from hiring a candidate.” Hence, you need to use AI tools like ChatGPT smartly instead of copying and pasting what these tools tell you. Here are the tips that you can follow
While writing a resume using AI tool, you need to give your detailed background of yourself that includes educational qualifications, certifications, skills, past work experience. This will help the tool understand the variations in your career graph and how you can mould it in a way that it doesn’t look odd on the resume. Always use 2-3 bullet points to summarise job role at a company
While AI tools like ChatGPT will give you a generic content based on the job role you are applying to, your educational qualification, past experience, but you need to personalise it heavily to give it a human touch instead of making it look like computer-generated. Read it carefully and edit to showcase your personality and fit for the company culture.
Once done, enter the text and ask the AI tool to do a spell check and fix the typos. Do note that this will make your resume look more polished and error-free. It helps you maintain a professional attitude and attention to detail.
You need to leverage the AI tool’s ability to identify relevant keywords from the job description and incorporate these keywords strategically throughout your resume to improve Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) scans.
Tell the AI tool about the job role you are applying for and ask to detect the relevant skills from your resume that you can highlight for that specific position based on your job experience.
AI tools can help you quantify your achievements effectively based on your past work experience. You can ask it to analyse your work experience and suggest specific metrics or numbers to demonstrate your impact and effectiveness. This will make your resume stand out from those who usually write about their tasks instead of giving an outcome of those tasks


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