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Hi, I’m planning to make a RL model to play macau with. It’s my first project so I would appreciate any pointers and tips that could help me design things. Maybe some video on design you find similar. Probably could use some literature as well but it’s hard to find the one that would cover the things I would actually find useful.

There is Uno (simplified version of macau that is pretty random and player’s choices don’t have such impact as in macau) model that is already completed available online but it is too simple. I need much more complex one and I don’t even know if it is possible to do… I think for macau I would need to make a table for the agent to gather info on state of each card like: king of hearts[is on hand, if on hand is it playable now, if not playable directly can it be played in bulk (macau allows playing multiple cards of same value at a time), probability of being held by opponent, is on top of stack, used and in stack(would reset after reshuffle)] I have some sense how to design that part but have absolutely no idea how to manage the choices made by agent… While in Uno it was like chose a card that is playable or draw one card in Macau it’s more like draw a card(regardless if any on hand can be played (sometimes it’s better move than playing a card you can play)), play jock and set demand of value, play ace and set demand of colour, play battle card (like wild cards in uno but can be countered).

The more I think of it it becomes more complex, have deadline in a month and need some help on it please 🙏

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