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A application who’s total working total over head is 2.246 gb . The application is modular if need be. The application allows interface with a large language models giving the large language model read and write authority to a Data storage system. When the llm creates a new entry it also creates a Meta data tag about the contents of the write preformed. I currently have 949.2167 tera byte’s compressed to a 908 gb file . The compression decompression is lossless. I also have a working version of this for mobile devices. But with a smaller data capacity but still huge compared to. The llm uses the meta data to navigate the data set. Application currently was is generative focused desk top employee task automation. I explained the task then I preformed the task let the llm create a “memory” of the task store it and gave it the ability to determine what data from past experiences it has gained to achieve this task. And this works flawlessly. Next steps?

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