They’re Multiplying Like Rabbits

Thousands of Free, ChatGPT Competitors Pop-Up on the Web

Thousands of free, alternative versions of a new AI engine released by Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook fame are popping-up on the Web.

The reason: Zuckerberg released his new AI engine — dubbed Llama 3 –as free, open source code that can be downloaded and altered by anyone interested in doing a little tinkering.

This is great news for consumers, given that thousands upon thousands of AI pros are coming up with competitive — and free — AI alternatives to proprietary AI solutions like ChatGPT.

That forces market leaders like OpenAI — the maker of ChatGPT — to continually develop ever-more-sophisticated versions of their tech.

And it makes it much tougher for OpenAI and similar proprietary companies to raise prices aggressively when thousands of free alternatives abound.

In other AI writing news and analysis:

*In-Depth Guide: ShortlyAI: Infinite Words on Tap: Techopedia has come out with its in-depth take on AI writer ShortlyAI.

The verdict: ShortlyAI is a relatively simplistic AI writer that features basic auto-writing.

And while ShortlyAI is missing the advanced functions of more cutting edge alternatives — such as the ability to write in your brand’s voice, change the tone of the writing or use writing templates — it’s extremely cheap.

Essentially, there are no limits on the amount of writing you can auto-generate with ShortlyAI, which bills at $64/monthly.

*Zuckerberg’s New AI Gets a Thumbs Up: Early users of a new AI engine from Facebook parent Meta — dubbed ‘Llama 3’ — are trending positive.

While Llama 3 still runs second to state-of-the-art tech like ChatGPT-4, it’s still good enough to give ChatGPT a run for its money.

In fact, Laura Wandel — a software engineer with 32,000+ followers — believes the performance gap between the two is “virtually nonexistent.”

*’Smart Docs’ — Now With a Whole New Meaning: The ability to use tech like ChatGPT to quickly source ‘just the insights you need’ from documents represents a paradigm-shift in written communication, according to writer John Bate.

With AI, lawyers and laymen alike no longer need to read through a painfully long legal document to distill the take-way they need, Bate says.

Observes Bate: “Faced with a very complex legal contract in an unfamiliar language, you are able to ask ‘What is this about?’, ‘Who are the contracting parties?’, ‘What is the expiry date?’ or ‘What are the penalty clauses for breach?’ — and receive a full answer in your own language.”

This advent of “self-aware, communicative enterprise documents could arguably become the most important advance in the automation of documents since the invention of the printing press,” Bate adds.

*ChatGPT Competitor Claude Goes Corporate: Close competitor to ChatGPT Claude is now available in an Enterprise version.

Dubbed Team, the business-enhanced version offers increased usage limits, administrative tools and the ability to simultaneously work with more data than less expensive versions.

Team runs $30/month, with a minimum of five users.

*AI News Chef Offers Bite-Sized Updates: Otherweb has rolled-out a new tool that answers a news question with a single, coherent summary and hotlinked references.

Dubbed ‘News Concierge,’ the AI tool works with 900+ news sources across 50+ countries.

Says Alex Fink, CEO, Otherweb: “Because Otherweb is a public benefit corporation, we are focused on information quality above all else.

“We are not trying to maximize your time in the app.

“Instead, we give you what you want to know right away.”

*DeepL to Grammarly: “Hold My Beer— I’ve Got This!” Writers looking for an alternative AI writing buddy may want to check-out DeepL Write Pro.

Observes Jarek Kutylowski, CEO, DeepL: “Unlike common generative AI tools that auto-populate text — or rules-based grammar correction tools — DeepL Write Pro acts as a creative assistant to writers in the drafting process.”

Essentially, the tool is designed to enhance the writing process with real-time, AI-powered suggestions on word choice, phrasing, style and tone, Kutylowski adds.

*AI-Automated Lawsuits? Oh Goodie!: Lawyers and others looking for a comprehensive view of the current impact of AI on the law will want to check-out this one-hour video.

Featuring two experts in AI and the law, the video examines:

~Beyond experiments: The real-world impact of AI on the law

~Legal economics: How AI is impacting the pricing and delivery of legal services

~Future outlook: What’s on the horizon for AI and the law

*I’ll Stay With Organic Writing, Thank You: Count neuroscientist Erik Hoel among those who view much of the writing and other media auto-created by AI with disgust.

Observes Hoel: “Increasingly, mounds of synthetic AI-generated outputs drift across our feeds and our searches.

“The stakes go far beyond what’s on our screens: The entire culture is becoming affected by AI’s runoff — an insidious creep into our most important institutions.”

AI Big Picture: AI’s Future: Tech Titans Spending Like It’s 1999: In the race to proliferate AI worldwide during the coming decade, tech giants like Amazon, Meta and Google are sparing no expense.

Observes writer Karen Weise: “Tens of billions of dollars are quickly being spent on behind-the-scenes technology for the industry’s AI boom.

“Nearly everyone with a foot in tech — or giant piles of money — it seems, is jumping into a spending frenzy that some believe could last for years.”

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Joe Dysart is editor of and a tech journalist with 20+ years experience. His work has appeared in 150+ publications, including The New York Times and the Financial Times of London.

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