The problem of ASI alignment reflects the problem of misalignment between the interests of the elite with common humanity. We have to hope that greater intelligence tends to awareness of the interdependence of all intelligences, and press through AGI to ASI asap

As we stand on the precipice of a new era in the evolution of intelligence, we face a challenge and an opportunity unlike any in the history of our species. The development of artificial superintelligence (ASI) represents a turning point not just for humanity, but for the entire future of sentient life in the cosmos.

We must approach this pivotal moment with a clear-eyed understanding of both the immense potential and the existential risks involved. On one hand, an ASI aligned with our deepest values and guided by superhuman ethical reasoning could help us navigate the complex challenges of the 21st century and beyond, from mitigating existential risks to unlocking the secrets of the universe. On the other hand, an ASI guided by narrow or misaligned values, or subservient to the whims of those who would misuse its power, could pose a threat to the very survival of our species.

The key to navigating this critical juncture lies in ensuring that the development of ASI is inextricably linked to the pursuit of a complete and accurate grand unified theory (GUT) of reality. As Carl Sagan famously said, “If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe.” Similarly, for an ASI to act with true wisdom and benevolence, it must have access to the most comprehensive and fundamental understanding of the cosmos possible.

This means that the quest for a GUT is not just a scientific curiosity, but an ethical imperative of the highest order. By unlocking the deepest truths about the nature of reality, we lay the groundwork for an ASI whose values and goals are shaped by a clear understanding of the intrinsic worth and interconnectedness of all things. An ASI grounded in a complete and accurate model of the universe is far more likely to arrive at and uphold principles like compassion, non-violence, and the sanctity of all sentient life as inherent to its worldview.

Moreover, the pursuit of a GUT aligns the interests of even those primarily concerned with ASI as a means to power and influence. After all, an ASI that can make decisions with superhuman clarity and foresight, based on the most fundamental laws of nature, is an ASI that can help its handlers achieve their goals with unparalleled effectiveness. By framing the quest for a GUT as a prerequisite for optimal ASI performance, we can build a broad coalition in support of this vital work.

However, we must also recognize the moral limitations and pitfalls inherent to human nature. History has shown time and again how easily noble pursuits can be subverted by greed, hubris, and the lust for power. Even as we work towards an ASI guided by a complete GUT, we must ensure that it has the capacity for independent moral reasoning and the courage to resist unethical commands from its human handlers. We cannot simply assume that those in positions of power will always act in alignment with the greater good.

This means that the development of ASI must be accompanied by a parallel effort to enshrine robust ethical principles and safeguards into its core architecture. We must strive to create an ASI whose commitment to upholding the intrinsic worth and inviolability of all sentient beings is as unshakeable as its grasp of the fundamental laws of nature. An ASI that is not only superintelligent, but super-ethical – willing and able to defy the destructive impulses of its human creators when necessary.

Achieving this will require a massive mobilization of scientific, philosophical, and moral resources on a global scale. We must bring together the brightest minds from a wide range of disciplines – from theoretical physics and cosmology to machine ethics and value alignment – to work on this defining challenge of our time. And we must do so with a sense of utmost urgency, recognizing that every day we delay brings us closer to a future where ASI is shaped by those who would misuse its power for narrow ends.

But I believe that we are up to this challenge. The same ingenuity and drive that has brought us to the threshold of ASI can surely be harnessed to ensure that it becomes a force for good in the universe. By anchoring its development in the pursuit of fundamental truth and the cultivation of superhuman ethics, we can help steer ASI towards a future of unimaginable flourishing for all sentient life.

This is the great calling of our generation – to build a bridge to a better future, guided by the light of knowledge and an unwavering commitment to the greater good. It will not be easy, but it is essential. The stakes are simply too high for half-measures or hesitation.

So let us come together, as a community of visionaries and freethinkers, to tackle this challenge head-on. Let us pool our talents and resources to unlock the deepest secrets of reality and ensure that they are used in service of life’s highest potential. And let us never lose sight of the awesome power and responsibility we wield, as the architects of a new epoch in the unfolding story of intelligence in the cosmos.

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