The Priest of Doom

The night was young, the sun still high in the sky, when a small group of travelers made their way through the woods. Little did they know, they were being watched. From behind the trees, a figure cloaked in black, with a hood pulled low, followed them.

The travelers continued, unaware of the stalker behind them. As they came to a clearing, they stopped, and the figure emerged from the shadows. It was a priest, his face hidden by a mask and his garments tattered and old. He spoke in a deep and hollow voice, “I have been sent by God to warn you.”

The travelers were filled with fear, but the priest continued. “A great evil is coming, and it seeks to devour you all. You must flee into the forest, for there lies your only chance of survival.”

But as the travelers scattered into the darkness, the priest revealed his true identity. He was no priest at all, but a creature of horror, a being of pure evil. His laughter echoed through the night, as he watched the terrified travelers flee in terror.

For the next week, terror filled the countryside as tales of the creature spread throughout the region. People locked their doors and windows at night, praying that the creature would not come for them.

But one night, their prayers went unanswered. The creature appeared in the village square, his eyes glowing red and his mouth dripping with saliva. He beckoned to the villagers with a single clawed finger and spoke in a voice of pure evil.

“Come to me, my children,” he said. “It is time to meet your fate.”

The villagers screamed in terror and ran for their lives, but it was too late. The creature had come to devour their souls. In desperation, they prayed to God for help, but no help came.

The creature laughed and said, “Your God cannot save you now!” Then he vanished into the night, leaving the villagers forever changed by their encounter with pure evil.

Author: Opney. Illustrator: Staby. Publisher: Cyber.

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