The Fellowship of the Black Blade

In the land of Arda, there was a gang of ruthless men who called themselves the Black Hand. They ruled the city of Minas Tirith with an iron fist, and their power was feared throughout the land. They were known for their cruelty and their love of wealth, which they acquired by any means necessary. They were a plague upon the innocent and a scourge upon the land.

One day, a young man named Arinor arrived in Minas Tirith, seeking adventure and fortune. He was a skilled warrior, but he had never faced an enemy like the Black Hand. He soon discovered that they controlled everything in the city, from the markets to the taverns. Arinor knew that he had to do something to stop them.

He began by gathering a group of like-minded individuals who shared his hatred for the Black Hand. They were a ragtag group of misfits and outcasts, but they were determined to rid Minas Tirith of its tyrants. They called themselves the Fellowship of the Black Blade.

The Fellowship spent years gathering information on the Black Hand, learning their secrets and their weaknesses. They discovered that the Black Hand had a powerful wizard on their payroll, who supplied them with magical weapons and spells. The wizard was rumored to live in a far-off land, beyond the mountains and across the sea.

Arinor knew that they had to journey to this land and defeat the wizard if they were to have any chance of defeating the Black Hand. So he set out with his companions on a perilous journey across the sea. They faced many dangers along the way, including fierce storms and treacherous pirates.

Finally, they arrived in the land of Far Harad, where the wizard was said to dwell. They traveled through dense jungles and across scorching deserts, battling giant spiders and ferocious beasts along the way. At last, they came to the wizard’s lair, a towering castle built of black stone.

They fought their way through the wizard’s minions and finally confronted the wizard himself. He was a fearsome sight, with a long white beard and eyes that glowed with an unearthly light. But Arinor was undaunted. He drew his sword, and the wizard drew his wand.

For hours they battled, sending flashes of light and arcs of energy flying through the air. At last, Arinor landed a blow that shattered the wizard’s wand and sent him tumbling to the ground. The Fellowship had won.

They returned to Minas Tirith to find that the Black Hand had been weakened by their absence. The people of the city had risen up against them, and they had fled to the mountains. Arinor led his companions in an assault on their stronghold, and after a fierce battle, they emerged victorious.

The Black Hand was no more, and Minas Tirith was free once again. Arinor and his companions were hailed as heroes, and their names were remembered for generations to come. They had journeyed across the sea and back again, facing countless dangers and defeating a powerful wizard, all in the name of justice and freedom.

Author: Opney. Illustrator: Dalli. Publisher: Cyber.

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