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I’m currently on a gap year dedicated to self-study and RL projects. I’ll be joining UCL’s Computational Statistics and ML MSc in September, with the objective to prepare a PhD in RL.

During the past few months, I’ve been contributing to two RL research papers which will be submitted to NeurIPS (conference paper, second author), and ICML (position paper, co-author) respectively. As I still have 4 months left, I’m looking for other projects that could improve my CV for my upcoming PhD application.

I thought about developing a library that could be used for research but struggle to pick a specific topic. Here are my current guidelines:

Framework: preferably JAX, as it has been gaining traction recently and the ecosystem is still expanding. I imagine that there are opportunities to adapt existing libraries from more established frameworks (e.g. Pytorch) or provide convenient solution to niche specific RL problems that lack suitable software in JAX. – Fields: I’m particularly interested in Open-endedness (Curriculum learning, Unsupervised Environment Design) and multi agent settings. However, there are already popular libraries covering a large amount of use cases in these fields (Minimax, JaxMARL, JaxUED, …). I’d eventually like to dig deeper into other fields such meta and evolutionary RL in the future. To the best of my knowledge, evolutionary RL also has some good libraries (evojax, evosax, …) but I’m not so sure about meta RL. Time horizon: ~5 months

I would be interesting in the insights of the community on the following questions:

Are there particular RL fields that lack useful libraries in JAX? (among the ones I cited or others) If not, would it be a better idea to contribute to existing libraries? Is there a greater need for efficient environments and benchmarks instead?

Thanks for your help!

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