Stanford CS 25 Transformers Course (Open to Everybody | Starts Tomorrow)

Tl;dr: One of Stanford’s hottest seminar courses. We are opening the course through Zoom to the public. Lectures start tomorrow (Thursdays), 4:30-5:50pm PDT, at Zoom link. Course website:

Interested in Transformers, the deep learning model that has taken the world by storm? Want to have intimate discussions with researchers? If so, this course is for you! It’s not every day that you get to personally hear from and chat with the authors of the papers you read!

Each week, we invite folks at the forefront of Transformers research to discuss the latest breakthroughs, from LLM architectures like GPT and Gemini to creative use cases in generating art (e.g. DALL-E and Sora), biology and neuroscience applications, robotics, and so forth!

CS25 has become one of Stanford’s hottest and most exciting seminar courses. We invite the coolest speakers such as Andrej Karpathy, Geoffrey Hinton, Jim Fan, Ashish Vaswani, and folks from OpenAI, Google, NVIDIA, etc. Our class has an incredibly popular reception within and outside Stanford, and around 1 million total views on YouTube. Our class with Andrej Karpathy was the second most popular YouTube video uploaded by Stanford in 2023 with over 500k views!

We have significant improvements for Spring 2024, including a large lecture hall, professional recording and livestreaming (to the public), social events, and potential 1-on-1 networking! The only homework for students is weekly attendance to the talks/lectures. Also, livestreaming and auditing are available to all. Feel free to audit in-person or by joining the Zoom livestream.

We also have a Discord server (over 1500 members) used for Transformers discussion. We open it to the public as more of a “Transformers community”. Feel free to join and chat with hundreds of others about Transformers!

P.S. Yes talks will be recorded! They will likely be uploaded and available on YouTube approx. 2 weeks after each lecture.

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