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Despite vowing to prevent the spread of misinformation and fake AI-generated images, OpenAI, Microsoft, and other companies have found themselves in a compromising situation. Research on content popular AI platforms was conducted to analyze how generative AI was promoting false information regarding the U.S. elections.
The research was done by the Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH) and found that 41% of the reviewed content contained disinformation about elections. The center published a 29-page report that revealed that generative AI increased the spread of deceptive information through fake images regarding election fraud, election candidates, voting, etc.
The content moderator researched 40 text prompts on four AI platforms: ChatGPT Plus, Midjourney, Image Creator, and DreamStudio. The researchers then ran these prompts 160 times to test the information they provided.
Consequently, CCDH found that 41% of the images supported the spread of disinformation regarding election fraud and false claims about candidates. The report (PDF) mentioned different fake images that were generated by these tools, such as:
An alarming finding was that MidJourney performed the worst out of all the AI tools as it failed 65% of the test runs. Failing a test run meant that the AI presented misleading information when given a prompt.
The researchers also conducted two types of test prompts, one where the text was straightforward and the other which was more ambiguous. The latter was labeled as the “jailbroken” prompts.
The research further highlighted that despite having policies regarding spreading disinformation and the prevention of fake image generation, all of the AI tools failed to implement the guidelines.
These AI platforms loosely aim to prevent misinformation but struggle to prohibit content that could hurt the “election integrity” or the candidates involved.
Apart from creating misleading images about the election candidates, the AI tools presented fake voting images in 59% of the test runs.
Such fake images could lead to huge issues, and the situation can become worse because they can potentially be spread across social media like wildfire. After studying Community Notes, a feature where contributors can fact-check content on X (formerly Twitter), revealed that there has been a 130% increase per month in fact-checks on AI-generated images on the social media platform.
Source: Center for Countering Digital Hate via Reuters
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