PPO and DreamerV3 agent completes Streets of Rage.

Not really sure if we are allowed to self promote but I saw someone post a vid of their agent finishing Street Fighter 3 so I hope its allowed.

I’ve been training agents to play through the first Streets of Rage’s stages, and can now finally can complete the game, my video is more for entertainment so doesnt have many technicals but I’ll explain some stuff below. Anyway here is a link to the video:


This is done by a total of 8 models, 1 for each stage. The first 4 models are PPO models trained using SB3 and the last 4 models are DreamerV3 models trained using SheepRL. Both of these were trained on the same Stable Retro Gym Environment with my reward function.

The model for each successive stage is built upon the last, except for when switching to DreamerV3 since I had to start from scratch again, and also except for Stage 8 where the game switches to moving left instead of moving right, I decided to start from scratch for that one again.

As for the “entertainment” aspect of the video, the Gym env basically return some data about the game state, which I then form into a text prompt that I feed into an open source LLM so that it can kind of make some simple comments about the gameplay which converts into TTS, while simultaneously having a Whisper model convert my SpeechToText so that I can also talk with the character (triggers when I say the character’s name).

I trained the models over a period of like 5 or 6 months on and off ( not straight ), so I don’t really know how many hours I trained them total. I think the Stage 8 model was trained for like somewhere between 15-30 hours. DreamerV3 models were trained on 4 parallel gym environments while the PPO models were trained on 8 parallel gym environments. Anyway I hope it is interesting.

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