Optimizing the Optimizer: Improving the AI Trading Strategy Generator


My name is Austin and I’m software engineer and soloprenuer passionate about Artificial Intelligence and Finance.

I implemented an algorithm that’s capable of generating a population of algorithmic trading strategies that are “better” than the original strategies in backtests.

Sounds crazy right? It’s not. To showcase it, here’s an example of the code that I used to generate these strategies.

Open-source link: https://github.com/austin-starks/NextTrade

The link above shows the implementation of single-objective optimization, meaning it can optimize for one thing at a time. In trading, this can be your percent change, max drawdown, sortino ratio, or other metrics.

The algorithm I implemented more recently is even more powerful. It’s based on multi-objective optimization. This algorithm allows you to improve multiple variables simultaneously.

These features have been implemented for a while but haven’t really been used due to poor user experience. To combat this, I recently significantly improved the UI/UX for my optimizer. I wanted to share my changes with the community as well as solicit feedback on what you think I could improve.

Thanks in advance!

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