Open source community project Ai’s waiting list is finally online!

Im really excited to bring the news that the waiting list for our project is officially live! Im really happy with the way this project is developing and all the kind people who show interest in the project.

So what is the project about?

We are building a online community platform for people working in on or with artificial intelligence ( or plan to do so )

From computer science students to ai engineers. From ux designers to researches. We are building a lovely community for people who want to build open source projects and contribute towards a better future for our society together with the innovation of artificial intelligence.

Some of our goals with the community.

Have online meet ups and co work spaces. share your concerns, your projects and discuss. have master classes to upgrade your skillset from people working in ai to entrepreneurs. access to multi ai models aswell as a coding space that is shareable with the community or your project group. note taking function aswell as ai assistance. proffesional portfolio share ability, to share your skills with potential co workers, clients or investors.

Why did i make this?

Really simple, my dream is to make the world a better place, and why not do that by helping others make it a better place? I want everyone to shine, see everyone happy, healthy and successful.

Join our community waiting list here!

Speak to you guys soon! 😉

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