One-Minute Daily AI News 4/27/2024

Creators of Sora-powered short explain AI-generated video’s strengths and limitations.[1] SenseTime from China Launched SenseNova 5.0: Unleashing High-Speed, Low-Cost Large-Scale Modeling, Challenging GPT-4 Turbo’s Performance.[2] DeepMind Researchers Propose Naturalized Execution Tuning (NExT): A Self-Training Machine Learning Method that Drastically Improves the LLM’s Ability to Reason about Code Execution.[3] ‘This is a unique time’: ARK Invest’s chief futurist tackles tech innovation from AI to robotics.[4] Google introduces AI tool for English practice, available in several countries. It advances from one-way to two-way conversations, catering to language learners’ needs for authentic practice.[5]







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