Non programmers, what AI have you linked together?

Not smart enough to program? Prompt to code inspires me. What have you made?

some ideas for inspiration

1) Plan a story together with an LLM for my lessons, generate illustration prompts with consistent characters and have those generated with another ai without having to copy and paste

2) press a single button, or very quick shortcut on my phone to take a voice note. this voice note goes into a note system which I can later refer to via the same system.

3) be able to search gigabytes of stored pdfs and my own notes with a sentence describing what I’m after and not actually miss anything. khoj and anything-llm miss a lot this way. devonthink still does a better job. However, when I ingest badly formatted data, the response also changes the response, showing that there’s not a clear delineation handling the difference between chat LLM, LLM and the actual rag.

I’m surprised there’s nothing like IFTT for AI to help with this. There’s so many services out there not really integrating unless you program it

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