Multi-agent Reinforcement Learning – PettingZoo

I have a competitive, team-based shooter game that I have converted into a PettingZoo environment. I am now confronting a few issues with this however.

Are there are any good tutorials or libraries which can walk me through using a PettingZoo environment to train a MARL policy? Is there any easy way to implement self-play? (It can be very basic as long as it is present in some capacity) Is there any good way of checking that my PettingZoo env is compliant? Each time I used a different library (ie. TianShou and TorchRL I’ve tried so far), it gives a different error for what is wrong with my code, and each requires the env to be formatted quite differently.

So far I’ve tried following, with both EnvBase in TorchRL and PettingZooWrapper, but neither worked at all. On top of this, I’ve tried but modifying it to fit my environment.

By “not working”, I mean that it gives me some vague error that I can’t really fix until I understand what format it wants everything in, but I can’t find good documentation around what each library actually wants.

I definitely didn’t leave my work till last minute. I would really appreciate any help with this, or even a pointer to a library which has slightly clearer documentation for all of this. Thanks!

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