Making Money Podcast #511: Exploring AI Tools Beyond ChatGPT for Dispute Resolution Professionals –


In this episode of the Make Money Mediating podcast, host Susan Guthrie discusses her top three artificial intelligence (AI) tools for dispute resolution professionals that aren’t ChatGPT. The first tool highlighted is Calendar Hero, an AI-driven scheduling platform that automates finding suitable meeting times for multiple participants. Susan also introduces Descrybe AI, a generative AI legal search engine for accessible legal research. Lastly, Sonix is discussed as a secure tool for audio and video transcription into text, with added features like AI-assisted summaries and translations. Susan emphasizes the importance of these tools for increasing efficiency and effectiveness in dispute resolution practice while urging due diligence to ensure these technologies meet professional and ethical standards.
01:40 Welcome Back & The Focus on AI Tools
01:58 Exploring AI Tools Beyond Chat GPT
03:11 Calendar Hero: Revolutionizing Scheduling for Professionals
07:18 Descrybe AI: Transforming Legal Research
13:12 Sonix: Secure Transcription and More for Dispute Resolution
18:03 Workshop Invitation and Final Thoughts
Mentioned in this Episode: Susan’s Latest AI Workshop
AI and Your Practice
When: May 24th, 2024 9am-1pm PT / 12:00pm – 4pm ET
Where: Online Via Zoom
Cost: $295
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