Llama Army: LLM’s will proceed to radiate into millions of small specialized LLM’s joined by central-LLM-front-pages, kindof like the googles and Bing’s AI conversation results, folk will become rich by managing and happy branding of central LLM to distributed LLM services.

Given that ChatGPT’s can be specialized into every subject so that 100’ds of experts will fit on a 1tb SSD and run on local PC’s, millions of specialized expert LLM’s will appear on the web for subjects like electronics, chemistry, movies, python code, arts, medecine, every topic of encyclopedias, and the millions of experts will have to be centralized into search engines which take the first question and send it to the LLM’s. The way those central front ends are branded and user friendly and efficient will make them hyper popular pages and the lead ones will have as many page views as wikipedia and that kind of website.

The only limit to that happening is law, if all the world’s governments manage to outlaw and firewall the LLM movements, and data training difficulty. I think that those limits are not going to stop central searches of millions of expert LLM’s happening by 2029.

Am I totally confused and misjudging it?

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