learning AI as a highschooler

hello! it’s my first time using this subreddit, so i apologize if this is the wrong subreddit to post in (feel free to redirect me to a better-fitting one).
here’s some relevant info about me:
i’m currently a hs sophomore very interested in learning about ai/machine learning. i would like to learn more about it, but i’m not 100% sure if i’m on the right path now or where to start. i’m on track to take calc 3 and linear algebra next year and am taking probability + statistics this year, so i think the math portion of ai is pretty solid for me. i also plan to major in electrical engineering + cs in college.
i have some past experience with programming/coding (took a python class last year but forgot most of it, learned html, css and the basics of javascript over the summer, and know arduino + getting familiar with the raspberry pi and my jetson nano is coming in a few days).
right now, i’m reading the book “hands on machine-learning with scikit-learn and tensorflow” by geron aurelien and i am taking the introductory python programming course by david malan. is there anything else i should be doing now, like learning about robotics, for example? (building something like the robot ameca would be pretty cool 😀 its super interesting to me!). i know AI will be a big part of the future, so i want to learn it as early as i can and have a lot of knowledge on it, but i’m not sure what projects i would be able to build with what i’m learning atm.
thank you so much!

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