Is there a tool out there like this where ai may help someone run a 1-person company?

I tried building a framework/workflow where ai agent persona’s are used to prime a new chat with a GPT. Each agent had a different focused skill used in business, like marketing – and the business is essentially run by overseeing meetings between ai agents. the key feature is that the meeting notes are summarised, and brought forward as knowledge to the next meeting and so forth – so there’s chain of thought not just between multiple occurrences of the same agent but between them also. The goal is to generate fundamental actioanble todos that the user can action independent of the system and report back.

Some of the prompts I used::

general meeting prompt

Update background info of agent

I would then store raw meeting data and meeting notes generated in a database alongside a constantly updated agent background info cell. I had an agent who acted as CEO and, with user guidance, set goals for the company, planned meetings with other ai agents etc. to achieve these goals

It turned out though that it needed more functionality to be able to utilise the idea to its fullest and I began wondering if there’s a project out there that has taken this special use case further? Does anyone have anything that might help?

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