Increasing the bandwidth of consciousness

In a recent interview, Elon Musk said that it will soon become necessary for the human brain to interface with technology at a more rapid pace than we currently do. As many of you may know, AI is making exponentially rapid progress. If you stay up-to-date with the newest advancement, you know that things are taking off massively with the ability for AI to have real time vision, conversation capabilities, video-making, voiceover, etc. And when you tie it in Elon’s Neuralink, one of his explanation for it is that it is necessary to increase the bandwidth speed at which one can communicate with this technological progress. The lag of time of me writing these letters and the computer receiving them is much greater than if the AI was in my brain reading my thoughts in real-time. That is the argument, at least. Of course, this is quite the challenging perspective when you feel into all the implications. And I feel that, although it appears as inevitable right now, there is another way.

I have had experiences that highlights the potential of organic evolution. My experience suggests that the capabilities Elon attributes to technological advancements might also be achievable naturally. Throughout my life, I’ve encountered states of consciousness far beyond the typical day-to-day brain function. This raises questions about the necessity of technology to enhance our mental capacities.

Maybe to some this may seem far-fetched, but there are various times in my life when I experienced states of consciousness that are eons superior to the normal day-to-day utilization of our brain power. And it happened out of the blue, as if orchestrated by Divine Intelligence.

So when Elon talks about the bandwidth problem and requiring technology to do so, on one hand I understand it, because I know what “superior” states are like, and it is wildly different than our current level of perception. But on the other I can’t help but think this is a copout for what is naturally possible within us, just that we don’t know how. This particular experience that happened to me once was preceded by a sound wave heard within my brain, and the sound became higher and higher pitched, and my consciousness felt more and more elevated. This was without drugs for those who would think that. It just “randomly” happened.

Once it reached peak levels, my mind was like never before. I could have about 10,000 simultaneous thoughts. All parallel to each other, unlike my normal mind in which having 2 simultaneous thoughts is impossible. You can try right now, to think 2 things at the same time. Every time I try this, I bounce back and forth between the 2 at high speed, but it is never exactly at the same time. Except in that moment 6 years ago. And it wasn’t just 2, it was thousands. And so because it happened, I know it is at the very least possible to happen. But it feels like the gap between this being normal and the normal I currently perceive is one of great length.

And then the AI comes in the crux of it and presents itself as a solution to bridge that gap. But I have experienced that it is possible without the technological implants. So this is quite the conundrum haha! What will it take for organic evolution to match the speed of technological one? Are people who refuse these implants be left behind, or will we be able to tap into rapidly evolving states of consciousness at a similar pace the AI is currently making progress? This is all extremely interesting for me to see how it will unfold. Within 2 years I expect the world to be very different than it is now.

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