I want AI to have a positive impact on the world, so i created a community for people in AI to contribute to the sustainable growth of AI.

As crazy as we might are. As little as we might seem to be. By collaborating with each other i deeply believe we can make the world a better place.

I personally believe AI can be used for things far better and greater than what it’s mainly being used for right now.

And with people losing their hopes in big companies that are striving for AGI without thinking about the global impact it will have on society. I think its best to remain positive and and work on the stuff we can control and change.

I shared my concerns about this a month ago and got quite positive feedback out of the community. That’s why I decided to create a reddit community dedicated to the sustainable growth of ai for a better future.

Called Project_Ai.

Currently the community is already filled with great minds, working on their own personal projects and stuff. From ai engineers to software developers. Marketeers and consultants. We are building a community that will have a positive impact on the way we develop our society.

If this post caught your interest. Feel free to click on the link below and have a look!


And as always, if there are any questions about what we are building and doing. The vision behind the community and projects. Feel free to share those with me 🙂

Have a great day!

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