I made chatgpt for thrifting high end clothes ♻️ [class project]

Hi guys! My friend and I were frustrated by the high prices of mid-to-high-end fashion brands online and getting outfit inspo

so for our climate tech class we created an AI fashion assistant called Encore for our class that links the best second-hand/cheaper alternatives for any item and and provides style/inspo/outfit recommendations

If you are interested in trying it out – https://www.chat.shopencore.ai

type what you’re looking for, try more nuanced queries, chat with it, and it searches through hundreds of resale/secondhand/auction sites (like Grailed, Thredup, Vinted, Depop, etc. and ones google doesn’t prioritize)

Our project aims to lessen the fashion industry’s carbon footprint, which accounts for 3-8% of global CO2 emission. Thanks!


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