I made a list of 10 good AI chatbot apps

An AI chat-free tool that answers all your fantasies and can help you chat with your favorite characters. Also, has voice messages. No filters. ChatGPT
ChatGPT is like our buddy who understands and helps us with our queries. You can get any help from ChatGPT. Users can ask questions, have conversations, and even ask AI to write cute short messages. It has its own biases and filters though. Perplexity.AI
Perplexity AI is an AI chat-free chatbot and intelligent search engine that provides accurate and complete answers to user queries. Think of it as ChatGPT that can use search and verify facts. Jasper AI
Built on top of OpenAI and other popular AI models. Has recipes, tools, and a lot more. Good for marketers and copyrighters. Google Bard
Google Bard is an (experimental, IMO) conversational tool. This tool can help you plan your travel, solve problems, and sometimes chat with it. Aims to be better than ChatGPT. Bing Chat
This is like ChatGPT but with Microsoft super-powers. Uses the same OpenAI technology that ChatGPT uses combined with Microsoft powers like Search and more. ChatSonic
Chatbot app from WriteSonic. Aims to be a better ChatGPT and is almost like Jasper’s Chat. Again, this is for marketers. Replika
The popular AI companion app that aims to provide you an AI friend that will always be there for you. Has pay-walls and some filters too. Janitor AI
Janitor AI is a role-playing platform that utilizes AI chatbots. An alternative of ChatFAI. Charstar
A Character AI clone competing for users that want no filters. Had some low quality replies in my test.

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