I asked the maker of the viral hit “Hyper Reality” why he imagined a dystopian future with AI

Keiichi, can you share your thoughts on why Hyper Reality turned out dystopian?

Keiichi: Hyper Reality was born from my exploration of emerging technologies and their integration into our daily lives. Initially, it wasn’t intended to be dystopian. It was about envisioning a world where virtual and physical realities merge, influenced by network culture and internet business models. I wanted to show how these technologies, if unchecked, could potentially lead to negative consequences for the users. The dystopian aspect emerged as I went deeper into the potential consequences of these technologies on society, shaping an environment where our interactions, identities, and perceptions are heavily influenced by these systems.

With the prevalence of AI in our lives, how do you view the balance between AI as an assistant and AI taking over tasks? Where do you draw the line?

Keiichi: This is a fascinating area and it depends on the evolution of our work and the needs of society. As technologies disrupt our lives, we undergo a period of readjustment. The key is to question the relationship we want with AI. The future should ideally be about understanding and defining this interaction. It’s not just about AI taking over jobs, it’s about how these roles evolve and integrate with AI, shaping our future work and society.

Check out the full interview here: https://open.substack.com/pub/xraispotlight/p/a-future-with-xr-and-ai-from-dystopia?utm_source=share&utm_medium=android&r=2umm8d

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