HPC News Bytes: ASML and China Trade Wars, TikTok, HPC-AI 2023 Market Size, WHPC at ISC – High-Performance … – insideHPC

A good May morning to you! Here’s a rapid (6:10) run through recent developments in HPC-AI, including:
– ASML’s new CEO and US-China trade wars
– The TikTok ban bill signed by President Biden
– Intersect360 Research’s HPC-AI market update
– Women in HPC at ISC 2024
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The high-performance computing (HPC) market is witnessing a notable shift towards the cloud, partially driven by the benefits of enhanced energy efficiency. According to Hyperion Research nearly every organization running HPC workloads is either already using or investigating the cloud to accelerate application performance, with the cloud market for HPC workloads forecast to reach $11.5 […]



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