How should I implement the rewards/reset system in my robot leg balance task?

Hi everyone. I have designed a robotic leg that I want to teach how walk in the future (with 2 obviously) but right now I am trying to use Omniverse Isaac Gym with stable baselines 3 to teach a single leg how to balance on its foot, just to get an understanding of RL and see if my joints are strong enough to keep the leg up. I’d like to mention I’m a beginner not much experience except for training the examples of the cart pole, humanoid and ant.

I kind of have it my task working but I think there is some obvious issues on how it resets the leg and maybe how it calculates rewards and punishments. But I haven’t gotten far enough to be able to tell

My problem is that after a couple resets the robot goes flying and the whole simulation basically falls apart.. my reset method is once the robot falls (contact sensor on the foot reaches below a value) the code resets/punishes the robot to its starting world position and the joints set the 0. Maybe this isn’t the right way? Maybe I should keep it right where it fell and just try and get it to learn how to get back up? I don’t know..

I had observed from the humanoid training task that the robots are reset and start from original each time they fall but maybe I not understanding what’s really going on?

Any help would be much appreciated..

I would also like to mention I did try pybullet but it won’t load my URDF properly.. not sure why 🤷‍♂️.

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