Google announces counter for GPT-4o ready with Google I/0 2024, previewed an unreleased multimodal AI interface.


OpenAI recently launched GPT-4o, which is a new AI model that can interact with users through audio, vision, and text, also announced its going to be free for everyone.


Google just had an event Google I/O 2024, where they announced all their AI plans, and upcoming models. Before the event started, there was a video going viral everywhere of an unreleased artificial intelligence interface running on an Android phone. This was a teaser uploaded by google yeserday and what appears in the video is directly challenging the new GPT 4-o Model.

Viral Android phone video:

It looks similar to the Pixel Camera app. In the demo, someone asks it questions about what they see. The AI recognizes that they’re setting up for an event and identifies the Google I/O logo. It then explains what the developer conference is about. This is similar to what Sam Altman showcased a day before.

Big updates announced:

Project Astra : Its a visual chatbot, and sort of a version of Google Lens. It lets users open their phone cameras and ask questions about just about anything around them by pointing the camera at things. Google showed off a video demo where somebody asked Astra a variety of questions in a row based on their surroundings. this is the same as the viral video.

VideoFX: its a generative video model based off Google DeepMind video generator Veo. It creates 1080p videos based on text prompts and allows for more flexibility within the production process than before.

Generative Ai on youtube: they announced a new LearnML model integration with youtube to enhance the teaching experience on another level. It’s a collaboration between Google’s DeepMind AI research division and Google Research. Students can directly ask questions on the chat box and get real time asnwers on the youtube stream. In addition, they announced AI generated quiezes on youtube. Viewers can ask clarifying questions, get helpful explanations or take a quiz on the subject matter.

Spam calls detection: they previewed a feature that will alert users to potential scams during the call. The system effectively listens for “conversation patterns commonly associated with scams” in real time. However, this also triggers the privacy concerns for the users, cause it will directly linked on your device.

Gemini: they announced that Gemini AI will appear in the side panel of many Google apps, including Gmail, Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Slides with real time integration. With this, it can answer questions, help you craft emails or documents, or provide summaries of long docs or email threads.

there are many more…. but these were the ones i found most relevant.


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