Goal-Conditioned RL Implementations Similar to CleanRL

Hello everyone!

I’m currently working on a goal-conditioned robotics project (with custom envs) and facing some challenges. I’ve previously used Stable Baselines3 (SB3), which I found to be quite comprehensive but a bit complex for my current needs.

I hope to create a custom policy (modular) and apply transfer learning to it for a different task, which seems a lot more complicated with SB3. So, I’m particularly interested in an implementation similar to CleanRL due to its simplicity and clarity but with support for goal-conditioned environments.

Can you recommend any resources, repositories, or frameworks that might align with these requirements?

Here’s a brief overview of what I’m looking for:

A framework or library that is simple and transparent like CleanRL. Support for goal-conditioned environments (compatible with OpenAI Gym’s GoalEnv). Flexibility to customize policy networks, including setting different learning rates for different parts of the network.

Thank you

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