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I am doing my bachelor’s in data science and my final year is around the corner. We have to make a research and/or industry scope project with a front-end in a group of 2-3 members. I am still confused about the scope of the project (how far a bachelor’s student is realistically expected to take it), but I know a ‘good’ AI/ML (reinforcement learning appreciated!!!) project usually lies in either the medical domain along with computer vision, or creating speech-to-text chatbots with LLMs.

Here’s a few projects (sans front-end) that I have already worked on just to show I aim to do something bigger than these for my final project:

Mitosis detection in microscopic cell images of varying stains Art style detector using web scraping (selenium + bs4) Age/gender/etc recognition using custom CNN Endoscopy classification using VGG16/19 Sentiment Analysis on multilingual text Time series analysis Stock market predictions RNN based lab-tasks

My goal is to secure a good master’s admission with a remarkable project. I am curious about LLMs and Reinforcement Learning, but more specific help is appreciated!

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