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AI-based tokens are trending following the release of the groundbreaking artificial intelligence system – Sora –  from OpenAI.
The new technology creates realistic videos from text-based prompts, sparking a new wave in AI interest. As a result, AI-related cryptos like Fetch.Ai and Ocean Protocol are soaring as traders attempt to position on the wave.
Amidst the hype, the newly launched Smog Token ($SMOG) continues rising after surging 200% this week.
AI-based cryptos are seeing a sudden surge higher following the Sora launch from OpenAI.
The ChatGPT creators showcased a range of realistic videos that Sora is capable of creating from simple text-based prompts, blowing the minds of AI fans across the globe.
The AI system can create videos up to a minute with complex and imaginative scenes from text instructions.
The examples shown by OpenAI show just how far AI models have come in a short year:
The new AI model will be made available to a limited number of creators as “red teamers” assess critical areas for harm or risks.
Against the backdrop of the newly revived AI public interest, AI-based cryptocurrencies are starting to soar, with Fetch.ai and Ocean Protocol leading the way.
Fetch.ai is up by an impressive 63% over the past fortnight, trading around $0.84.
The latest price surge allowed $FET to break resistance and set fresh highs for 2024 above $0.8.
The cryptocurrency is now ranked in the 95th position with a market cap value of $880 million as it starts its ascent up the rankings;

Looking ahead, resistance lies at $0.9. This is followed by $0.96 (1.272 Fib Extension), $1,00, $1.05 (1.414 Fib Extension), $1.10, and $1.16.
On the other side, support lies at $0.8, $0.0735, $0.7, and $0.65.
Ocean Protocol also sees a strong upswing following the Sora launch, as it surges 90% over the past fortnight.
Ocean is trading at $0.716 and has set fresh highs above the 2023 peak.
The cryptocurrency is now ranked in the 154th position, with a $460 million market cap.

Looking ahead, resistance lies at $0.765. This is followed by $9.827 (1.272 Fib Extension), $0.875 (1.414 Fib Extension), and $0.94 (1.618 Fib Extension).
Alongside Fetch.ai and Ocean Protocol, several other altcoins are also seeing impressive growth.
In particular, Smog Token ($SMOG) continues to see continued momentum after the airdrop-focused token surged 275% this week.
Smog Token ($SMOG) saw an impressive week after rising by over 275%, reaching a high above $0.09 with 20,000 holders involved.

Smog Token continues gaining traction amongst SOL traders following its fair launch on Jupiter on February 7th, 2024.
The token instantly became a hit after surging over 1,400% in its first few hours.
Since its launch, $SMOG has launched on Ethereum, making it a multi-chain meme coin.
Those holding $SMOG on the Ethereum chain can stake their tokens and receive an impressive 42% APY. Almost 7 million $SMOG have already been staked, demonstrating investors are keen to increase their $SMOG earnings.
The cryptocurrency surged 275% from last week’s low to reach a high above $0.09. $SMOG is still up by over 200% at the current price from last week’s low;

Smog Token is a newly emerging meme coin sensation that seeks to bring the biggest airdrop ever to the crypto market.
Users can buy and hold $SMOG to earn airdrop points and qualify for the historic airdrop.
Alternatively, users can participate in the Zealy Campaign to accumulate airdrop points. The Zealy campaign is likely helping the impressive social growth of Smog Token, which already has over 25,000 followers on Twitter and 16,600 Telegram members.
The campaign requires users to complete engagement tasks, such as following Smog Token on Twitter and reading articles related to the token, to accumulate Airdrop points. According to the team, over 100,000 quests have been completed, demonstrating the overwhelming hype surrounding the airdrop.
Ultimately, with its unique airdrop appeal, expert marketing team, and social engagement push from its Zealy campaign, Smog Token ($SMOG) will likely be one of the most impressive performers through March 2024 and shouldn’t be faded.
$SMOG can be purchased using $ETH through the project’s website. Alternatively, it can be bought on Jupiter DEX using $SOL.
Visit $SMOG Website
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