DRL for Energy Management/Finding Optimal Load Balance Point between Ship Generator, Battery, and Power Grid (Charging Station), ideas, examples, discussion.

Hello everyone.

I just found and joined this community and hope I can discuss my ongoing research project for graduate study. Hope that anyone could provide ideas, code examples, or thoughts.

The problem is described in the title of this post, I currently working on a project that is to manage the docking ship generator load balance and the on-shore battery and on-shore power grid. The target is to find the optimal load balance point to decide/toggle between the ship generator’s connection to the on-shore battery and on-shore power grid, for example, if the ship generator takes 50 kilowatts per hour to supply the ship and is charged with the on-shore battery, but the ship only needs 25 kilowatts per hour and the battery could overload, then at what point to toggle to connect the on-shore power grid. The text description might be confusing, please see Fig.1.

Fig.1 Diagram of the research project/problem.

I am trying to use DQN in this research, however, any extended combination DRL algorithm suggestions are welcomed. I have tried to apply the optimal price and optimal profit using DRL examples to this problem but seems to no avail. I have just begun learning Reinforcement Learning and DRL for this research project as well, new to the RL/DRL field, despite having some knowledge about ML/DL still, asking for advice, suggestions, any code examples or example projects, and ideas.

Thank you.

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