Dorik Review: The Best AI Website Builder Using a Prompt?

Building a website can be daunting for many individuals, particularly if they lack graphic design or development skills. And with so many website builders nowadays, how do you know which one to choose?

I recently came across Dorik, an AI website builder that uses artificial intelligence to generate an entire website in seconds based on a single text prompt. With Dorik, anyone can create a professional-looking website without design or coding knowledge.

As someone who has extensively used popular website-building platforms like WordPress and Webflow, I was intrigued by Dorik’s user-friendly approach. Could Dorik AI build an entirely customizable website with a single text prompt? Is it the best AI website builder? I had to try it for myself!

In this Dorik review, I’ll discuss what it is, who it’s best for, and its features. From there, I’ll show you how I made this professional website in seconds:

I’ll finish the article by recommending the best Dorik alternatives I’ve tried so you know which AI website builder best suits your needs. By the end, you’ll understand what Dorik is all about and whether or not it’s the right choice for your website-building needs.


The Dorik website builder is among the best AI website builders, easily generating customizable websites from simple text prompts in seconds. Despite some limitations like template variety and more robust e-commerce capabilities, its intuitive interface and reliable customer support make it a top choice for effortless website creation. Dorik particularly benefits individuals and small businesses seeking a hassle-free web design solution!


Generate a customizable website in seconds for free with a text prompt.
The free version has sufficient features for creating a basic website.
80+ templates, 250+ UI blocks, and 20+ elements to create a unique website.
Websites are automatically responsive on any device.
Websites can be built in any language.
The drag-and-drop interface and AI tools simplify customization.
The interface is user-friendly and easy to navigate.
Helpful resources and support like a Helpdesk, 24/7 Live Chat, and Facebook Community.
Easily import and export HTML/CSS/JS code to transfer your website to other platforms.
A free version plus single payment plans with no monthly fees.


The websites may lack originality, making this less ideal for those seeking custom solutions.
E-commerce capabilities are possible but limited, making it less suitable for businesses seeking advanced e-commerce functionality.
The third-party integration process may be challenging for some users.
The free version has some restrictions, such as limited storage, bandwidth, and using a subdomain.
A 200 blog post limit on the personal website plan.

What is Dorik?

With 100,000+ happy customers, Dorik is a CMS, blogging, and website builder that lets you create professional websites with a prompt without the need for coding or design experience. Its technology has been trained on a vast dataset of existing sites, allowing it to understand the principles of web development and design. It recognizes patterns and trends in website layouts and elements, enabling it to generate visually appealing designs tailored to your needs.

To use Dorik to generate a custom website in minutes, all you have to do is describe your website through a text prompt. The prompt is best written like a command and can include information about the website’s purpose, target audience, and desired features.

Using its advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques, Dorik analyzes the text using website-building principles and design best practices to create a visually appealing and functional website! It generates layouts, compelling copy, pixel-perfect images, and customizable UI blocks that match your description.

You’ll also be able to add essential website features and pages, such as contact forms, blogs, and product listings. From there, customize your website’s functionality, SEO settings, and design elements through the intuitive dashboard!

Combining AI technology with web design, Dorik eliminates the need for coding or design skills so that anyone can create a website in minutes with a single text prompt! Dorik takes the technical aspects of website building so you can focus on more important things like content creation and branding.

Who is Dorik Best For?

Dorik is an excellent tool for anyone lacking coding and design skills and is interested in using AI to generate a stunning website in minutes. However, there are certain types of people Dorik is best suited for:

Entrepreneurs and small businesses can use a text prompt to create a professional, personalized website without developers or designers. Plus, with options for adding contact forms, blogs, product listings, customizable UI blocks, and SEO settings, entrepreneurs can focus on business growth and customer engagement instead of technical website development.
E-commerce businesses can use Dorik’s customizable e-commerce templates to create attractive online stores. They provide a free SSL certificate for secure transactions, unlimited bandwidth for handling high website traffic, and seamless integrations with Shopify and Ecwid.
Bloggers can use Dorik’s user-friendly CMS to create and publish content effortlessly. Customize templates to match personal branding, use SEO tools for better visibility, and integrate with social media platforms for seamless sharing and reader engagement. With customizable UI blocks and SEO settings, bloggers can focus on creating quality content while Dorik manages design and functionality.
Web designers can more quickly create websites using Dorik without coding or extensive design experience. With 80+ customizable templates and UI blocks, crafting unique client designs is easy. Designers can collaborate with clients by inviting them to projects and assigning custom roles. Dorik also offers a white-label CMS for agencies to brand and provide the platform to clients.

Dorik Features

Here are Dorik’s features so you know what it’s capable of:

Dorik AI
White-Label CMS
Website Builder
Blogging Platform
Membership Sites
SEO Optimization
250+ UI Blocks
80+ Templates

1. Dorik AI

Dorik AI is the technology behind Dorik that generates websites in seconds! Just provide the website name and a short description, and Dorik AI will analyze the text prompts and create a website layout with copy and images in any language.

Dorik AI saves significant time and money than manually designing a website with code or outsourcing this to designers and developers! The websites Dorik generates are stunning, the copy it writes is compelling, and the images are pixel-perfect for any device.

The platform also makes customization easy for users without coding or design experience. Drag and drop elements and easily adjust layouts while maintaining responsiveness to create a personalized website.

Once you’re happy with your website, use GPT-4 to enhance the tone of your copy to resonate the most with your target audience. Cancel any stock photo subscriptions and regenerate images and illustrations with Dall-E 3 directly in the editor! You can even regenerate entire layouts and sections.

From there, publish your website directly to the Internet with the subdomain or a custom domain! It’s incredible how Dorik AI simplifies the website-building process to create professional websites without needing specialized skills.

2. White-Label CMS

For agencies and web designers, Dorik offers a white-label CMS option to brand the platform as their own and deliver it to their clients. It allows you and your clients to generate pages, manage team members, and publish content without needing plugins and additional hosting.

Dorik white-label CMS has everything you need that you and your clients will love:

User-friendly interface for clients to navigate and manage their websites.
Showcase your branding and logo within the platform to reinforce your brand identity.
Complete control over the CMS with client billing, access control, and content management.
Client access to their website’s dedicated dashboard.
Monthly or annual subscription payment options to bill your clients.

The white-label CMS option Dorik provides empowers agencies and web designers to offer clients a fully branded website-building experience.

3. Website Builder

With 40+ integrations available, Dorik offers a comprehensive website builder that simplifies creating a professional website. Rather than manually writing out code, you can drag-and-drop components, buttons, 250+ UI blocks, or 80+ customizable templates to build a website in seconds! No maintenance or plugin updates are required; you’ll get unlimited bandwidth and storage.

With Dorik, you can add images, image carousels, subscription forms, payment buttons, and blogs. To help you design, invite team members to help! Dorik gives you complete control by allowing you to add custom roles and set permissions.

The Dorik AI website builder comes with everything you need:

Reliable hosting and CDN.
A free SSL certificate.
Receive payment through your website via Stripe, PayPal, and Gumroad.
Unlimited website storage and bandwidth.
User analytics to see how visitors behave on your website.
Password protection on any page of your website.
SEO optimization to maximize your reach.
Connect a custom domain from any provider.
Export clean, un-minified HTML/CSS/JS code with media files.
Connect and display Airtable data.
Automatic responsiveness on multiple devices.
Plugin-free blogging.
And more!

Dorik’s website builder means you can create visually appealing and functional websites without coding or design skills.

4. Blogging Platform

Dorik’s built-in CMS includes a user-friendly blogging platform for creating, scheduling, and publishing blog posts. It offers SEO optimization tools, meaning you can optimize your blog posts for search engines to attract more customers, clients, etc. You can also integrate your blog with social media platforms to easily share your blog posts and engage with your audience!

Dorik’s blogging platform is valuable for content creators looking to establish a solid online presence and engage with others.

5. Membership Sites

Dorik makes it easy to create membership sites and offer exclusive content and services to subscribers. This functionality means that you can restrict access to certain parts of your website and provide exclusive content to subscribed members. Integrate Stripe, create payment plans, and add paywalls!

Dorik’s membership site features include subscription management tools, allowing you to handle member registrations, payments, and renewals. Plus, all of your earnings are yours! Dorik doesn’t take a cut from any commission you make!

6. SEO Optimization

Dorik has all the necessary SEO tools to make Google love you and increase traffic to your website. That means more customers, clients, and revenue to your business!

Here are the SEO features that come with Dorik:

Meta Titles and Description
Custom Schema
No Follow-No index
Href Lang
Robots Txt

Whether you want to optimize pages or posts, Dorik has what you need. You’ll easily be able to add meta titles, descriptions, and canonical URLs without writing any code. If you don’t want a page to appear in search engines, turn on “No Index” with a single click!

Site speed and responsiveness are other critical factors in bringing in the most traffic possible. Dorik recognizes this by using a Global Content Delivery Network to enhance page loading speed globally and improve your visitor’s experience and domain rating. Websites built on Dorik are also automatically responsive, meaning they’ll look great on any device!

7. Integrations

Dorik offers seamless integration with many popular third-party services, enhancing the functionality and capabilities of your website. These third-party services extend the functionality of your website to include features such as e-commerce capabilities, analytics tools, and email marketing services.

Integrating with third-party services also eliminates switching between different platforms or manually transferring data, streamlining your workflow and enhancing efficiency. Integrations also provide additional customization options, allowing you to tailor your website to your needs and preferences.

8. 250+ UI Blocks

Dorik offers 250+ UI blocks to build beautiful websites. These UI blocks are in 20+ categories, including SaaS, Web/Mobile Apps, and Personal & Agency Websites.

UI blocks are great because they guarantee design consistency throughout your website. You can easily customize UI blocks to fit your branding and content. Adjust the layout, add or remove elements, and change the styling to create a unique and personalized design.

Lastly, UI blocks save time by eliminating the need to design every section of your website from scratch. You can add professionally designed sections to your website with a few clicks!

UI blocks allow you to easily create a visually appealing website, even without design experience.

9. 80+ Templates

If you want the fastest website creation, choose from Dorik’s library of 80+ templates! The templates are stunning and touch multiple industries, including SaaS, Web/Mobile Apps, and Personal & Agency Websites.

Templates are excellent resources for creating a visually appealing starting point for your website. They are professionally designed and tailored to specific niches for a cohesive and attractive aesthetic. Website templates save time and effort customizing your website to suit your needs.

But you’re not limited to the template’s design! While they provide an excellent starting point, you can easily customize templates to reflect your branding and content. Dorik makes it easy to adjust colors, fonts, and layouts for a unique and personalized design.

Dorik’s templates offer a convenient and efficient way to create a professional website without starting from scratch.

Top 3 Tips for Choosing the Right Template

Here are my top tips on how you can choose the Dorik template that’s right for you:

Consider the purpose and industry of your website. Dorik offers a variety of templates tailored to different niches, such as fitness, food, marketing, and personal portfolios. Choose a template that aligns with your website’s niche!
Pay attention to the layout and structure of the template. Look for a design that lets you showcase your content effectively and provides the most seamless user experience.
Consider the level of customization available with the template. Look for flexible templates that allow you to customize elements to fit your branding and content easily.

How to Use Dorik to Build a Website

Here’s how I used Dorik to generate, customize, and publish a website with a text prompt in seconds:

Create an Account
Create a New Site with AI
Write a Prompt
Generate Website
Customize Website
Publish Website

Step 1: Create an Account

I started by going to the Dorik homepage and selecting “Try it Free.”

Step 2: Create a New Site with AI

After making my account, Dorik took me to the dashboard. I selected “Create New Site with AI.”

Step 3: Write a Prompt

Generating a website with Dorik was incredibly easy, requiring only three pieces of information:

The name of my website.
A description of the business.
The language.

Rather than giving Dorik a basic business description, I made the website description more like a command:

“Create a website discussing everything there is to know about artificial intelligence, including news, interviews, and reviews on the best AI tools. Design it like a news website.”

It doesn’t have to be anything crazy. Keep it simple and concise, and tell Dorik exactly what kind of website you want it to generate.

Once I filled in the information, I hit “Generate Your Website.”

Step 4: Generate Website

Immediately, Dorik started generating a website based on the command I gave it. A few seconds later, I had a fully customizable and responsive homepage! Here is the website Dorik generated for me if you’re curious:

Based on my prompt, Dorik did an excellent job generating a homepage; everything looked professional and modern with a great layout. However, I wanted to see what Dorik’s customization tools were like.

Step 5: Customize Website

Once Dorik generated my website, the AI Quick Style panel opened. From this panel, I updated the colors and font of my entire website with a single click.

The rest of the tools were easily accessible on the left:

Add Elements
Global Style
Media Library
Site Settings
AI CMS and Blog

These tools made it easy to design something that fit the branding. I could easily drag and drop UI blocks onto the website to add text blocks, image galleries, and social media icons. The UI blocks are automatically formatted to be responsive on any device, which saves a lot of time rearranging elements!

The built-in AI features also sped up the customization process significantly. I could click on any image or piece of content and rewrite it instantly using AI or generate entire web pages.

Hovering over the website containers gave me even more options. On the top left of each container, I could click and drag to change the container size or move it to where I wanted. I could also edit the container, delete it, or add a new one.

In the middle were my element options. I could move, edit, delete, or add a new element to the container. My favorite was the AI text options to improve, rephrase, simplify, etc., the text with AI. I could even select photos from the website and replace them with AI-generated images!

Step 6: Publish Website

Once I was happy with everything, I headed to the top right of the website editor to preview, save, or publish my website to the Internet!

I hit “Publish,” and Dorik gave me two options for how I wanted to publish my website: Subdomain
Custom Domain

I didn’t have a custom domain, so I went with the subdomain and hit “Publish Site.”

Overall, I was blown away by how simple Dorik made designing a fast, responsive website in seconds. As someone who has built websites on various platforms, Dorik has been the easiest and quickest!

Top 3 Dorik Alternatives

To ensure Dorik is the right AI website builder for you, here are the best Dorik alternatives I’ve tried that you’ll want to consider.

Divi AI

Divi AI is a popular Dorik alternative specific to the WordPress Divi theme. Like Dorik, it uses AI to generate entire web pages with a text prompt. Within the web builder, it can design layouts, write content, and create images.

Both platforms offer a wide range of customization options and a responsive design without the need for coding knowledge. Choose one of the pre-designed templates to get started quickly, and drag and drop elements exactly where you want them for the perfect website layout.

As you can see, Divi AI and Dorik are very similar. Use AI to generate entire web pages, write content, and generate images.

However, Divi comes with 200+ elements and 2,000+ premade designs. Meanwhile, Dorik offers only 80+ templates, 250+ UI blocks, and 20+ elements to create your website.

If you want to generate a website using AI on WordPress, I’d highly recommend getting the Divi theme and Divi AI. It’s the most popular WordPress theme with many designs and elements to create the perfect website! If you want a better user experience without dealing with plugins, Dorik is the best choice.


CodeDesign is another AI website builder that approaches web design similarly to Dorik. Give CodeDesign a prompt, choose the language, and it will generate a responsive website in seconds! The content will be SEO-optimized, and customizing the website is easy with its drag-and-drop functionality.

The designs CodeDesign generates look great and are professional. However, if you don’t like what it’s generated, you can regenerate with the click of a button. Alternatively, you can always choose from the 300+ templates CodeDesign offers.

CodeDesign and Dorik are very similar AI website builders offering many of the same features. The only difference that stood out was that CodeDesign provides more templates and better pricing than Dorik.

Regardless, CodeDesign and Dorik are excellent AI website builders. Both platforms offer free plans where you can generate and customize a website for free without a credit card. I’d highly suggest trying both and seeing which suits your needs best!

Hostinger Website Builder

The Hostinger Website Builder is another popular Dorik alternative requiring no coding skills. It has 150 templates, but you must purchase hosting before using the tool.

Generating a website with Hostinger is basically the same process as Dorik:

Describe the website you want to build.
Select the kind of website.
Provide a brand name.

Hostinger will start generating your website, which will take only a minute.

Customizing the AI website is incredibly easy, and Hostinger has built-in AI tools to streamline the process further. Some other AI tools unique to Hostinger include an AI Logo Maker, an AI Writer, and an AI Heatmap!

For more AI tools, templates, and the cheapest pricing, choose Hostinger. If you don’t want to pay upfront, choose Dorik!

Dorik Review: The Best AI Website Builder Using a Prompt?

After using the Dorik website builder to generate and customize a website in seconds, I can confidently say that Dorik is among the best AI website builders on the market. Its AI-driven approach offers a seamless website creation process and transforms text prompts into fully functional websites! With Dorik, anyone can create a fully functional website without design or coding knowledge.

However, while Dorik could have more templates and elements for customization, its user-friendly features, responsiveness, and SEO optimization tools make Dorik a versatile website builder. Meanwhile, Divi AI, CodeDesign, and Hostinger Website Builder are the best options if you’re considering alternatives.

Thanks for reading my Dorik review! I hope you found it helpful. Dorik has a free plan that lets you generate, edit, and publish a website, so why not try it for yourself? Explore Dorik’s innovative solutions to streamline your website creation process efficiently and effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Dorik work?

Dorik is a website builder that uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to simplify website creation. With Dorik, you can generate a website from scratch by providing a text prompt. The AI tools within Dorik generate a layout, customize the site’s text and images, and even create AI-generated photos that you can edit. Once you’re satisfied, publish to have your website go live!

Is Dorik free or paid?

Dorik offers both free and paid options. The free version of Dorik has certain restrictions, such as limited storage and bandwidth and using a subdomain. Paid plans are available with additional features and functionality, with a one-time payment for lifetime pricing! That means no monthly fees.

Who is the CEO of Dorik?

The CEO of Dorik is Mizanur Rahman. Mizanur and Anwar have been creating websites and templates since 2012, and Dorik was initiated as a side project in 2019. Feel free to read more about their story on the Dorik website.

Can AI build me a website for free?

Yes, AI can build you a website for free in seconds. With Dorik, you must create an account, describe the website you’d like to generate, and hit “Publish.”

However, there are some limitations to the free plan, such as limited storage and bandwidth and the use of a subdomain. Limitations will likely be the case for any website that generates free websites using AI. Upgrade to a paid plan to access advanced functionality and customization.

How do I contact Dorik?

To contact Dorik, go to the Dorik Helpdesk and scroll to the bottom to chat or email the Dorik support team. Dorik offers 24/7 chat support with knowledgeable representatives who can assist with inquiries or issues.

What is the best website builder out there?

Dorik is among the best website builders out there. It’s incredibly user-friendly and only requires a text prompt to generate a stunning website in seconds.

The best alternative website builders include Divi AI, CodeDesign, and Hostinger Website Builder. Evaluate your requirements and compare the features and pricing of different options to determine the best fit for your needs.

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