Discussing the challenges of implementing generative AI in companies

I’m currently reading an interesting study by ZFK. It focuses on AI investments that are getting lost in many companies.

One of the main points is that AI is mainly seen at a C-level as a kind of savior that will bring about extreme changes. The speed at which AI actually enters one’s own company is noticeably overestimated. What is underestimated is the operational effort needed to bring generative AI into the company profitably and sustainably.

According to the study, this is seen differently especially at the management and department levels. There is still not a high level of maturity of artificial intelligence, especially generative AI, in these areas. A major problem also lies in the immense challenges in implementation in the departments. In general, the appropriate strategic approach for AI transformation is one of the biggest sticking points at the C-level. There is a significant difference between C-level (e.g. CEO, management) and the implementing and middle management levels. It’s a classic self-image and external image issue. It is also pointed out that launching one’s own ChatGPT does not make an AI transformation. This is absolutely correct because just because a corresponding software tool has been introduced does not mean it is actually being used. Such tools are often treated very slowly or neglectfully as they require additional effort. It even happens that they do not work properly on the first try as desired. From my own experience, these are often minor adjustments that need to be made. As always, the devil is in the detail.

The study also suggests that it makes sense to not distribute investments across the entire company like a watering can, but to select two to three areas from the beginning. In my opinion, the most obvious areas are marketing and customer service. There, along with the relevant employees or departments, you should brainstorm on three to four use cases where generative AI can be well used. What do you think? How do you implement or transform generative AI in your company? Do you have your own ChatGPT or do you let employees or multiplicators work with their own tools? Do you mainly use text-based or also image-generating software? I’m very curious about your opinion.

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