Deepfakes apparently altered voting in South Africa Election

Article in Wired:

In early March the daughter of former South African President Jacob Zuma used X to spread a deepfake of ‘Donald Trump encouraging “all South Africans to vote for uMkhonto WeSizwe,” her father’s party, in the country’s May 29 elections.’ according to the article.

In addition she shared videos and photos of the party in power, the ANC engaging in other nefarious activities. In the subsequent election the ANC lost their majority.

This seems like an example of where deepfakes may have played a role in actually shifting the election. Deepfakes have also been a big factor in recent Indian elections. And of course the Americans have an election coming up although in that one, if an actual felony conviction isn’t enough to alter people’s votes, it’s hard to imagine what kind of a deepfake would matter.

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