Creating an accountability study group for AI topics (advanced to beginner) [Ex Microsoft, Ex Uber AI Scientist]

DM me for invite to study group. Can take 50 people interested this round, maybe 100 if one my mates (YoutubeAI engineer) decides to join.

Let’s be clear about goals

Commit to starting a 5 minute session at least 4 times a week Expectation is at least 2 hours, 4 x week. Optional Group study sessions weekly Monday 4-6pm ET Wednesday 6-8pm ET Thursday 10-12am ET If you can average 8 hours a week studying AI, you’ll be included in the next limited group. Topics we’ll review include: Building intuition behind AI Basic AI alignment + different attack vectors (worms, injection, trojans, poison pills, jailbreaks) Review on AI tools for creating AI images + videos (loras, midjourney, comfy UI, A111, llama, Stablediffusion) State of Art Techniques (Byteformers, 4d Gaussian Splatting, SIMA, Neuro-evolution) Strategic analysis of AI actors (China, TSMC, US Gov DOD, Google, Msft, OpenAI, Meta, Apple, Nvidia, ASML, ZEISS) Discussions on AI-proof jobs (and their respective time frames)

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