Can AI Estimate IQ Based on Online Posts? A Claude Experiment

I’ve long been fascinated by the potential for future companies to develop sophisticated methods for analyzing people’s online presence, akin to sentiment analysis, to gauge traits such as IQ.

So, Inspired by this idea, I decided to conduct an little experiment of my own using Claude and a month’s worth of my own Reddit post history, which I compiled into a .txt file to feed into the system.

After reassuring Claude that I was comfortable with the experiment, it provided an estimated IQ range of 120-140 based solely on one month of my Reddit posts. Intriguingly, this range closely aligns with my “official”, proctored IQ test result of 138 – close to the median of the score range given by Claude.

Frankly, this experiment left me quite impressed by Claude’s capabilities, as it was able to approximate my “official” IQ without the need for a full-length IQ test.

It’s worth noting that some might argue that Reddit comments are an imperfect benchmark, as users may adopt more intellectually relaxed personas online that don’t accurately reflect their real-life cognitive abilities. However, that being said, I tend to put cognitive effort into my posts. So I’m eager to learn if others in the community, who also put cognitive effort into their posts, have attempted similar experiments or have achieved similar results.

Ultimately I want to ask the community:

What do you guys think about the implications of highly capable AI systems like Claude being able to estimate individual users’ IQ based soley on their posting histories?

And what could that mean for the future of targeted media and the curation of one’s internet experience when such capabilities inevitably fall into the hands of AD companies, political organizations, or other entities with vested interest in swaying individuals online toward their own ends?

I invite you all to share your thoughts and insights on this topic.

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