Building schedules for sports teams

Disclaimer: I am new to the practice and this sub, I’m learning as fast as I can but still feel like I know practically nothing

I am trying to build a model to create a schedule where N teams play each other over (N-1)*2 weeks (eg 4 teams, 6 weeks).

I think RL provides a path to success.

My specific questions relate to the actions an agent would take and the state, as well as how to move forward each episode. How could I structure this to have the agent/policy the actions to take? Schedule one team at a time or try to do it in pairs? Do I offer rewards throughout or only at the end for a “valid” schedule (eg no teams play themselves, the distribution of opponents is as equal as possible).

I have a web rogramming background but the math/algebra here is tough to grasp.

Any help appreciated.


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