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AI tools like OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Google Bard and more have become quite handy for the gen-Z these days, especially if it is about writing assignments or cover letters for jobs. Shoshana Davis, a Gen Z career expert and founder of the career consultancy, Fairy Job Mother, has pointed out that this generation (born between 1996 and 2012) has already become too reliant on these AI tools to generate cover letter and job applications, reported CNBC Make it.
He explained, “So I speak to businesses and employers who hire anything from like 10 to 1000s of Gen Z every year. And one of the main challenges that I’m seeing at the moment is the use of AI, specifically ChatGPT, and it’s not being used in the right way, and it’s not being used effectively.” He revealed that the “employers are getting hundreds of the exact same cover letters word for word”. They suspect that the applicants are mostly using ChatGPT for these cover letters and job applications.
Job applicants relying heavily on AI
In a Canva study, it was revealed that over 45 per cent of jobseekers are using AI to build, update or improve their resumes across the UK, US, India, Germany, Spain, France, Mexico and Brazil. In addition to this, a Grammarly survey revealed that 61 per cent of Gen Z said that they can’t imagine doing their work without using generative AI. Davis advised that one should embrace technology and AI but stated that copying answers from ChatGPT can hurt your chances of getting a job.
AI-generated resume: A red flag?
Moreover, a Resume Genius survey conducted on 625 managers revealed that over half of them disliked AI-generated resumes and will consider that a red flag. It stated, “53% of hiring managers have reservations about resumes that include content clearly created by AI, with 20% seeing it as a critical issue that could prevent them from hiring a candidate.”
How to use AI during job search
Davis explains, job applicants can use AI for prepping for interviews or researching a company. He said, “In my opinion, you can use ChatGPT in the job search process, but it should be used as a tool, not a replacement.”
Michelle Reisdorf, district director at recruitment firm Robert Half, also told CNBC Make it that AI can help users with proofreading and enhancing what you have already written. He added that one should not treat it like a one-stop shop to generate resumes. He said, “Recruiters will be able to tell if you’re not including specific details from your past jobs or writing in a personal, human voice.”
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