AI NEWS BITES 03.19.2024

AI news by the bite.

Nvidia: Nvidia partnered with robots companies like Agility Robotics, Tesla, and Boston Dynamics to create, well, robots of course! The reason is clear; robotics companies are racing to provide robots for warehouses (like Amazon, who’s very thirsty for them) and industrial labor.

Nvidia also announced new Blackwell GPU chips. Nvidia powers most AI and cloud computing infrastructure, so this is actually a big deal even if you personally never hold this chip in your hands.

AI healthcare startup Hippocratic has reached a $500M valuation after only 1 year. The company creates AI “agents” to assist in hospital and clinical environments. No practical models are in use yet as they’re a bit scared of their AI making mistakes in clinical environments.

Apple and Google are partnering to bring Gemini into IOS 18. Some believe this to be a stop-gap while Apple prepares their own AI models, which after $1B in spending are still not ready.

Tools: Google’s VLOGGER AI brings photos to life as talking avatars.

Pipio is an AI dubbing tool that can mimic your voice in another language and even alter the video to make your mouth move naturally with the dubbed words. It’s impressive stuff.

ChatGPT-5: Sam Altman says GPT-5 will be a huge leap. In an interview Sam Altman said GPT-5 will be a huge leap, equivalent to the jump from GPT-3 to GPT-4.

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