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These companies are bringing AI to the forefront of the Australian tech industry and specialize in everything from image generation to enterprise software.
Australia is all in on artificial intelligence. The emerging tech has sent shock waves throughout the tech world, but Australia is moving quickly to find uses for the tech to boost its cybersecurity and manufacturing industries, while simultaneously regulating AI and quelling national security concerns. The country’s AI industry is still growing and these are some of the companies pioneering the new tech. 
Udemy’s online platform gives learners access to a vast marketplace of course content to support their professional development, personal interests and well-being. The company has been working to launch generative AI solutions, such as an AI assistant to enhance the learning experience. For example, it can make personalized course recommendations and provide content summaries.
Freshworks develops workplace software including CRM platforms and IT software. And many of its products now have AI integrations that boost productivity, while other products use AI for customer-facing chatbots and general customer service needs. Headquartered in California, Freshworks maintains multiple office locations including a newly opened office in Melbourne.
Workiva’s platform brings together financial reporting, ESG reporting and audit tools to provide comprehensive financial reports and data to customers in leading industries including banking and insurance. With its generative AI integration, the company is able to further expand its platform by using the tools to draft and revise documents and provide research aid. 
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Relevance AI is a no-code platform enabling users to create personal AI assistants. Through a chat bot interface users can interact with their AI assistant and assign it tasks such as data cleaning, email outreach or general-purpose research. 
Harrison.ai is a health company using artificial intelligence to tackle the global healthcare worker shortage. The company develops tools to provide clinical diagnosis and augment medical clinicians’ workflow. For example, its Annalise.ai platform is used by radiologists to analyze X-rays, while the Franklin.ai product works side-by-side with pathologists. 
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Leonardo.Ai is an image generation platform similar to OpenAI’s DALL-E, but includes added functionality and tools. With Leonardo.Ai, users can generate images based on text input, but also use editing tools that enable them to finesse the image to their exact liking. Additionally, the platform can render 3D textures, making it useful for architecture renders and game assets.


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