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Anthony Esposito Senior Account Manager at PandaDoc
Not using AI (artificial intelligence) tools isn’t an option anymore because it could mean the difference between unlocking your full potential and getting left behind.
With that being said, we’re also seeing a boom in AI tools in the market these days — so the questions that remain are:

Well, fret not — we’re using this article to discuss the top AI tools everyone should have in their tech stack (that can be leveraged for different use cases and provide unique benefits). So, let’s dig in, shall we?
PandaDoc is an AI-enabled automation software that streamlines your entire document workflow end-to-end — it’s mainly known for its ability to collect legally valid e-signatures, customize and manage documents, and get analytics based on the interactions customers had with your documents.
However, besides this core functionality, not many of us are aware of the other capabilities we can leverage in PandaDoc to make our lives easier, so let’s discuss those today:
If you are interested in exploring how AI is already reshaping sales. Check out this video.
We’ll discuss how AI streamlines sales and contracting processes and helps with identifying new strategies.

Qloo, also dubbed “Cultural AI,” is an extremely user-friendly solution that will answer all your pressing questions in the niches of film, food, music, people, books, and more in real-time.
Basically, if you want to understand the thoughts and ideas of your customers across the globe, this tool will provide you with the knowledge you need.
For example, you can ask it questions like, “What kind of hotels do people between the ages of 25-35 who like Versace also like?” or “What movies do people who like The Weekend also like?”
Sounds impressive, doesn’t it? Well, here are a few things that can impress you even further:
You can also leverage Qloo’s API to get personalized results based on your audience’s preferences and locations and then target media communications accordingly.
Plus, it’s all plug-and-play, so you only need to include just one request, and it finds the answers you need in milliseconds.
And at the same time, with Qloo, you can be assured of your data safety!
Pricing: Pricing is not listed on its website, but sources list the price at $12/month. A free trial is available too.
Here’s what most people know of Asana: It’s a project management tool that helps in task organization, project tracking, and team collaboration.
Undeniably, it’s one of the more popular productivity tools in the market.
However, Asana also happens to have a powerful offering known as “Asana Intelligence” that can help you manage projects and work with the help of AI.
Here’s a small overview of what you can do with it:
Pricing: Asana has a freemium model with paid plans starting from 10 USD per month.
Grammarly, our beloved AI-powered tool for content creation and error-finding, also has a handy-dandy AI copywriting assistant tool we can leverage to make content generation an easy process.
You can leverage this AI assistant to rephrase content for you based on your preferred tone and content length, brainstorm content ideas with it, and even train it to write content the way you speak (e.g., a prompt can be: keep it professional, use an empathic tone, and only write in active voice, etc., or another prompt can be “add the following keywords for SEO”).
You even rely on it to draft all your emails, proposals, templates, product descriptions, landing pages, and content copies, all while keeping context and chat history in mind.
Last but not least, this generative AI assistant also integrates with all the necessary platforms, such as Microsoft Word (and other doc tools), LinkedIn, Medium, Chrome, etc.
Moreover, if you’re an Android user, you can even leverage Grammarly’s text-to-speech functionality that allows you to transcribe speech.
There’s only one drawback to this AI tool: Your prompts are limited based on the subscription plan you have.
For example, the free plan only has 100 prompts/month, whereas the Premium plan and the Teams plan have 1000 and 2000 monthly prompts, respectively.
Pricing: Grammarly has a free version, and paid plans start from $25/month.
Midjourney is an AI image generator that has the capability to generate high-quality images based on your text prompts.
Here’s the long and short of what this tool can do for you:
Safe to say, if you’re a company or a content creator that delves a lot into visual content production on social media but doesn’t want to spend money on Getty subscriptions and still want your images to be unique and a cut above the rest, this tool is what you need.
Perhaps the only limitation of Midjourney is the use of Discord as the core platform. If you’re new to Discord, it can be challenging to understand the platform.
Also, a quick FYI: You can also use Midjourney as an AI video tool, as it can generate short animations and video content based on your prompts.
Pricing: The basic plan of Midjourney starts at $10/month.
The list can’t be complete without the mention of open-source artificial intelligence tools like ChatGPT that have created a wave in recent times.
It works on the models developed by OpenAI — GPT-3 and GPT-4.
ChatGPT can hold an engaging conversation with you, answer your questions with logic and reasoning, and even write codes and articles for you.
You can use it to work as an AI chatbot to talk to customers, create an interactive website and mobile apps from scratch, or research your target market.
It can work as your assistant or even as a cheerleader!
Give relevant information to the chatbot, and it can remember earlier conversations to carry out a task. It’s the ability to understand natural language and the contextual significance of a conversation that sets it apart.
The best part is that it’s still evolving and gets better with every update.
The scope of its abilities keeps expanding to assist you in the best way possible.
Pricing: The basic plan of ChatGPT starts at 20 USD per month. If you don’t want to start the paid plan, it’s free to use with limited features.
P.S.: If ChatGPT doesn’t fit the bill for you, you can also consider other conversational AI platforms like Jasper, Bing Chat, and Copy.ai.
If you ever wanted an AI writing tool that’s geared towards writing high-quality content for your website, while also considering your brand voice, you can’t go wrong with Jasper AI.
But there are plenty of AI writing tools in the market, so what makes Jasper so special?
Well, here are some of the things Jasper can do for your business:
Pricing: The Creator plan is priced at $39/month (for one seat), whereas the Pro plan is priced at $59/month (for five seats). They also provide custom pricing to enterprises.
By the way, we did a free trial of Jasper AI and reviewed it for writing and content marketing. Learn a brief story of Jasper AI, see its use cases and check yourself out if its worth investing.

Need an AI tool that can create videos on-demand, keeping your language and voice preferences in mind? Well, we have just the solution you need — Fliki.
With this tool, you can convert your written text, tweet, PPTs, or even ideas into publish-ready videos for different use cases (e.g., reels, promo videos, product explainer videos, pitch videos, educational content, etc.).
You can also leverage its AI to create videos in more than 75 languages and can even set preferences for regional dialects (presently, the software has more than 1300 voices in its database).
Alternatively, if you wish to create content in your own voice, you’ll be happy to know Fliki supports voice cloning too.
Not just that — you can also set preferences for the following:
Pricing: They have a freemium model, but the paid plans, Standard and Pro, are priced at $28 and $88 per month, respectively.
We know we’ve already mentioned a generative AI tool in this list, but Writer is just one of those applications that deserves its own mention.
Why do we say this? Well, here are a few things that’ll help a convincing case:
Pricing: Two pricing options are available — Team (priced at $18/user/month) and Enterprise (requires custom pricing).
Suited for apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Telegram, Signal, and Viber, AutoResponder is one of those AI tools you’ll be surprised to know is free.
The tool is an AI chatbot that can share pre-set responses with your customers — that’s to say, if your customers question you about commonly asked topics like pricing and features, it can share the pre-set message.
You can connect AutoResponder with ChatGPT, Dialogflow AI, GPT-4, and even your own web server to create responses.
Moreover, you can also set preferences about response times, pattern matching, reply conditions, and notifications.
It can even ignore responses sent from certain contacts, import/export data from CSV files, and create custom responses with the ability to send multiple responses.
How to use contract AI for drafting agreements
Pricing: They adhere to a freemium model, but the premium plan (if users request it) is priced at $6.99/month.
Used by names like Spotify, Hulu, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Textio is an AI tool specifically designed for the purpose of helping HR managers recruit a diverse team and retain them.
So, what can it do, you ask? Let’s explore its benefits:
Pricing: Provides customized pricing based on your team size and requirements.
If you don’t already know about Otter, then here’s the long and short of it: it’s one of the best transcribing tools in the market that can help you create meeting notes, generate summaries, and keep track of all verbal agreements.
Basically, you can integrate Otter with your favorite communication tools (like Zoom) or upload recordings on the platform and ask it to transcribe content for you — this is specifically helpful for:
Moreover, you can also leverage Otter to easily collaborate with your team members from the same platform! What’s more one can need?
Pricing: Four pricing options are available — Free; Pro (priced at $10/user/month); Business (priced at $20/user/month); and Enterprise (requires customized pricing).
With the increase in AI tools in the market today, it can be overwhelming to not only select the best ones but also integrate them into your existing ecosystem.
Our suggestion is to start with the most important ones that can take bigger tasks off your plate.
For example, a task like e-signing documents can easily be automated with PandaDoc, immediately giving you some extra time to focus on more important tasks.
It can easily integrate with most AI tools and your existing workflow.
If that sounds like a good idea, sign up for a 14-day trial today — no credit card required.

Increase your close rate with PandaDoc.

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Anthony Esposito Senior Account Manager at PandaDoc
Anthony Esposito joined the company in March of 2021. He really enjoys helping customers find new avenues and workflows to help make their own organizations more efficient while consolidating their tech stack by using PandaDoc as a one stop shop. In his free time Anthony loves to cook. “I’m a massive foodie and I’m die hard Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Tampa Bay Lightning fan!”
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